Sunday, May 3, 2020

Reflections - 5-3-2020 - Who Owns The ePortfolio?

The reading assignments were interesting and thought provoking. When I read the question asking who owns the eportfolio I immediately thought to look at who physically owned the domain for the eportfolio and blog. The further I read into the articles it was apparent that we are speaking of another type of ownership. I believe I own my eportfolio because it is comprised of my work, ideas, and my creative touches. Although I am told what needs to be in the eportfolio by my professors, I have also been told that it needs to be my authentic work and am given freedom to make it what I want. The COVA Model is key in creating an eportfolio. I would not want it to be only reflective of what I think others want to see, I want the people who see to see who I am through my work. The eportfolio is a living document that I am asked to continue building and perfecting based on me, my views, and what I continue to learn.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Reflections - 4-26-2020 - Why Use An ePortfolio?

Great reads provided again this week. In my opinion I feel that one of the main reasons to use an ePortfolio is to show growth and to be able to show a potential client and/or employer who you are and examples of your work. I never thought of utilizing an ePortfolio before entering this program as I am not very tech savvy. Technology continues to expand, and we utilize it every day in our current jobs. This will be a wonderful addition to ones resume or job application. It will allow the potential employer a better understanding of one's strengths, knowledge, and potential. Companies are looking for innovation and this is one way to demonstrate that. I have been thinking of ways to get my high school students to begin tracking their school and community involvement. This is important because when they start applying for scholarships and for colleges, they can never remember everything they participated in and it becomes difficult when trying to complete those applications. Introducing this to the high school campus for the coming school year will be an amazing step towards helping them grow academically and helping them be able to track their growths and begin preparing their ePortfolio for their lives after graduation.

Reflections - 5-3-2020 - Who Owns The ePortfolio?

The reading assignments were interesting and thought provoking. W hen I r ead the q uestion asking who owns th e eportfolio I imme...